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Being Green Means

Reversing Climate Change

There’s no denying the massive impact human activity is having on our environment, with superstorms, rising sea levels and shrinking glaciers. Every day, emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants are pumped into our atmosphere which changes the natural order of things causing climate change and degradation to our ozone layer. The only way to reverse these effects is by reducing our emissions.

Future Generations

The core ideal of being green is about the people. It’s about ensuring inter-generational equality, giving equal opportunity to future generations so they can lead a good and happy life. What a better way to tackle this issue than opting for a renewable energy solution, that not only helps you now but also ensures we collectively leave a healthy planet for future generations to come


Choosing to opt for renewables means you can be more self-sustaining. This allows you to live-off-the-grid, to whatever degree you wish. Generating your own power removes that dependability upon those well known non-renewable corporations who set high tariffs to yield the biggest profit with little thought for the people or the environment. Being independent of such an industry makes life so much sweeter.

Save Money

Some people believe opting for renewables can be more expensive, but in reality you will save money in the long term. These systems will more than pay for themselves over time, with government-backed renewable incentives in place, encouraging eco-system installs. Decreasing your energy bills and making a solid return on investment both financially and for the future has never been easier than by going green.

Reduce Pollution

Air, water and soil pollution all have negative effects upon our health and ofcourse the environment. Pollution is caused when waste products are released and cannot be effectively reused by natural processes. Being renewable removes this harmful wastage and emission production, allowing us to be independent of burning fossil fuels and reducing the overall amount of pollution that impacts our ozone layer.

Preserve Natural Resources

This planet offers a vast amount of natural resources, which we tap into to survive. Humankind overuses these resources, faster than the earth can replenish them. As we rely upon the earth's offerings, we need to sustain them to continue as a species. Being green offers us the sustainable option, that is everlasting and enables our overused natural resources to be preserved.


Being a family run business, family and the future are integral to the way we tick. Our ethos is driven by a core passion for environmental longevity for future generations and leaving the planet in a better condition than we found it. By being green, we all have a better solution, that benefits the environment and in turn the people, working towards the future of our planet's stability. Being Green has many benefits and there are a number of UK government incentives currently in place to encourage the uptake of renewable energy. Start your journey to being green today!

Domestic RHI Scheme

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI is a government financial scheme to encourage a switch to renewable heating systems. It’s a way to help the UK reduce carbon emissions and is for households both off and on the gas grid.

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Non Domestic RHI Scheme

For commercial projects, the Non-Domestic RHI is also available and offers financial incentives to increase the uptake of renewable heat by businesses, the public sector and non-profit organisations.

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